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Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my new 1090 Puck and the ADSB Mini Whip Mk2.  I took them with me to Mallorca recently and was using them with my Asus Transformer T100 laptop.  The range that the aerial was receiving was very impressive, even at ground level and not attached to anything magnetic.  I was able to run my laptop for about 5.5 hours on battery with the Puck connected.  All I need now is to find a battery booster pack for laptops to give me a bit more time when away from any power sources.   Thanks very much for your impressive and very quick service.    
Thanks for sending my order so promptly. The CS-700 is superb. Big thanks for programming it as well! Within ten minutes of receiving the radio I was talking to people all over the UK. It is an incredible network and DMR has rekindled my interest in Handheld radio.
73 Peter