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Got the TRMRF-2010 a few weeks ago. I have a very bad ham radio location, having a bit of height but no space at this apartment so the 40 and 80m bands are a virtual no no. I have only tried the antenna on the 10-20m bands so far and the SWR readings I get are pretty much in line with the review in RadCom. Tried the antenna in the CQWW CW contest when there were heaps of stations on the air. Just about worked anything I could hear apart from stations directly off the ends of the antenna which was aligned east/west horizontally. With about 80 watts output I worked 50 countries which included, JA, AK, ZS, and PY. Nothing out of the ordinary for a major contest but the joy for me was not having to change antennas for different bands. The internal ATU in my TS590S never had a problem. The antenna is well made and should last a long time even here where antennas are held up by polypropylene string and nylon cord. A definite rating of 5 for convenience and the service from Chris was excellent.  
Chris after visiting last week you said I would see more with my PUCK than my old SBS-1 I assumed it was sales hype but as I needed the PUCK for traveling I bought it any way. You of course where absolutely right. This little PUCK outperforms all other ADSB receivers I have had,I will be in soon for another unit at home! Thank you for making us so welcome at Elstree and you where also right about the Cafe it is great food
Stevie B